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Hard Facts E

Hard Facts

... The Best of Deep Purple & Rainbow – close to the original – caught all the intensity – and the sound ...

There are millions of rockfans all over the world that love the music of DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW. It is a fact that these two bands are amongst the most bootlegged bands on the planet. And when you´re talking about the music of DEEP PURPLE or RAINBOW you mean the guitarplaying of RITCHIE BLACKMORE. Unfortunately he decided to turn his back on heavy rock and play more silent music with his wife Candice. As a result of this RITCHIE BLACKMORE leaves a big vacuum on rock-live-stages these days. The re-established DEEP PURPLE (with guitarist Steve Morse) cannot satisfy all the needs of the Blackmore fans, although they are doing a brilliant job!Aware of this situation five musicans and fans of Blackmore´s music decided to join their forces and pick THE BEST OF RAINBOW & DEEP PURPLE and bring it back to rock-live-stages! They captured the essential spirit of music and sound and recreate the show-highlights of THE MAN IN BLACK.